Work Hard, But Play Harder is the motto of world renowned Play Entertainment.

Play Entertainment was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Mr Play; from its humble beginnings as a club – night Promotion Company it has expanded into a multi – faceted entertainment company, with a logo and brand that is recognized across the globe.

Drawing upon life experiences and greatly influenced by his father Mr Play knew from the onset where he wanted his company to go, and what he wanted to achieve – nothing stood in his way.

The journey to the top is never smooth, and Play Entertainment has maneuvered many a hurdle to get to where it is today – An all encompassing entertainment company that not only organizes, hosts and promotes bespoke parties, but also organizes larger events such as conferences, live shows, and concerts, as well as managing artists, producers, DJs and athletes – and all this on a global level.

The team is made up of members with varying levels of experience, lead by a truly dynamic leader. Mr Play is a “Man of many talents”, whose intellect, determination, confidence and industry knowledge is the perfect combination to guide and inspire his team.

Some team members bring to the table vast amounts of experience from within their specialized fields, whereas other individuals are new to the entertainment game, but full of enthusiasm and untapped potential. The team as it stands today is going from strength to strength and Play Entertainment is definitely causing a stir within the
industry for all the right reasons.

All that is left to say is: “Watch this space”

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